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Welcome to Levite Home Inspections Ltd

You are at the heart of all we do.

Levite Home Inspections Ltd is an independent company with 10 years of experience, great financial strength and a leading home buyer in the UK.


Levite Home Inspections Ltd will solve your property problem by buying your house fast for cash in the shortest possible time to suit your need. Every day, we buy HOUSES FOR CASH throughout the UK, regardless of size, condition or price.

Here at  Levite Home Inspections Ltd, we are committed to buying your property fast with limited amount of stress you can ever have imagined possible. We quicken and enhance your ability to sell your house quick.

We have a saying here at  Levite Home Inspections Ltd, ‘the proof of the pudding is in the eating’. For your quick property sale, you can trust us to buy your house fast in any condition. This means you can sell your property fast and with limited intrusion or disruption to your daily schedule.

Our team of experts will give you a FREE consultation & valuation with no-obligation offer. There are no catches here at  Levite Home Inspections Ltd. In addition we will pay all your legal and estate agent fees up to £500 and organise the entire process for you.

No Matter you circumstances whether retirement, looking to downsize, bereavement, separation, and even repossession we are the one stop shop for all your property needs. We do Xploitz with Undeniable Proofs.

We stop repossession, ease the hurt of separation and help you retire stress free. We are confident of stopping any eviction notices as soon as you get in contact with us.


Using telephone, e-mail, or our submission form, let us know about your property. We may be able to offer an immediate price based on your info.
Once we have reached an "in-principle" price agreement on your home, our property expert will visit you. When you are satisfied with the offer we will begin the exchange procedure immediately.
When both party’s solicitors are happy, the purchase will complete, normally between 14 and 28 days. Your cash in your bank and your property problems behind you.