No. It’s just good business for both of us. We save slightly on the price of your home, while you receive payment very quickly. We help each other out this way – because it suits us both.

Levite Home Inspections Ltd can help with buying your property and easing the pain of separation

When a property is involved in a divorce or separation, it can get messy. In many cases, you will want a quick sale so the proceeds can be divided up between the parties and any debts cleared. You don’t want to worry about estate agents, showing buyers around or getting involved in long chains

We can buy property worth up to £1.5 million depending on area, circumstances and condition.

Mostly yes but if they time is short we would consider without we normally use a RICS Homebuyer’s Survey.

All our transactions take around 6 – 8 weeks days and may be longer depending on your circumstances. Remember, our aim is to fit around your needs, so we are also able to exchange contracts and then schedule completion to coincide with your move/purchase. We will not lie to you on the length of completion as other company’s do as we operate as ethically as possible without taking advantage of your situation.

We are flexible to YOUR needs and many options are available, including the choice for you to rent your property back and stay for as long as you like! as long as your rent is in good standing order.

We pay £150 as a referral fee. We’ll pay you this ‘finder’s fee’ on the day of exchange.

We will be more than happy if you sell to us but if your circumstances change we will appreciate if you keep us in mind for the future. We can offer a variety of purchase options including delaying the exchange and completion dates to suit your circumstances.

We are happy to buy just any kind of property from dilapidated properties to newly decorated homes. We take care of any needed repairs.

If you struggling financially to pay your mortgage, credit cards, bills and any other secured and non-secured loans? We can stop you from sliding further into debt or avoid house repossession by providing tailor-made solutions. We will allow you to stay in your home as a tenant and you can even buy it back in the future when your financial situation improves.

We will give you a free no-obligation offer for your property.

We can pay off your mortgage arrears in order to prevent the house repossession and allow the sale to go through.

We buy all types of residential property, houses, flats and land , Many of the properties we buy are in need of some improvement, which is why they are often harder to sell through estate agents.We cover the uk and will make contact with you within 24 hours.

Selling your property to Manchester Property Solutions costs you zilch!

Our aim is to make the sale as smooth as possible. So we will give you a no-obligation, no-cost valuation on your property. We also take care of our own legal costs and we may even contribute £500 towards yours.

There are no estate agents fees or any hidden extras, but please note that if you have already entered into a contract with an estate agent to sell your house, they may charge you a fee to get out of this. You should check with them directly if you are unsure.

We buy properties anywhere in the UK.

Yes we are. We buy properties without having to borrow money from lenders.

Health problems can cause unexpected loss of earnings and also mean that you have to pay for expensive treatment or care. In either case your property can be an answer to the problems. Either through a total sale or an equity-release scheme we can provide you with the cash you need to get on with your life.

We are flexible in how we approach the transaction enabling us to tailor a deal around individual circumstances – making sure you have one less worry to deal with.

Although we typically offer in the region of 75% – 80% of the open-market value.However, Manchester Property Solutions offer is guaranteed. In the open market, you can go to the expense and spend a lot of time putting your property up for sale and there is no guarantee that you will get the full market price or even an offer. All the while you have to make repayments and the value of the property could be depreciating. So at the end of the process all you could end up with is a bill from your estate agents and no sale.


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